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Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

New Jersey loves pizza and has not only the most pizza places per capita, but probably the biggest variety and some of the best in the U.S. Those are some bold statements, and maybe a little speculation, but how many … Continue reading

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Rider University Students Prepare to Unleash the “Beast” at Annual Art Festival By Victoria Corinne Many of the articles that I write for eNJoy pertain to the university that I attend and the activities that we hold. I mainly choose … Continue reading

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Fair Trade

If you’ve read my previous articles here on eNJoy NJ, you’ll know I love finding old coins. For whatever reason, when it comes to finding old things, coins speak to me most. As a kid I used to love finding … Continue reading

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New Jersey Says Yes to America

Long ago and far away I was riding a Horse with No Name along the Ventura Highway with my Sister Golden Hair. We rode for All the Lonely People who were just searching for some Muskrat Love. The Tin Man … Continue reading

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