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A Shot Back in Time

As one of the original colonies, it’s not surprising that New Jersey was a critical player in the American Revolution. Geographically located between New York and Philadelphia, surrounded by major waterways like the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, it’s understandable why … Continue reading

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Supermarkets are fixtures that practically define our almost-daily lives. From Don DeLillo’s White Noise, supermarkets help everyday people cope with the world around them. The one supermarket that New Jersey only shares with five other Eastern U.S. states is ShopRite! … Continue reading

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June Bride

I recently met a couple who were celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary. Being a married man myself, I had to ask the gentleman what his secret was. He said, “I make all the big decisions, and she makes all the … Continue reading

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Battle of Monmouth

An article describing the re-enactment of this famous battle during the height of the Revolutionary War would not do it proper justice. Words on paper cannot paint a true picture of the bravery, the fear and the resolve of these … Continue reading

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