Rider University Students Prepare to Unleash the “Beast” at Annual Art Festival

By Victoria Corinne

artbeastMany of the articles that I write for eNJoy pertain to the university that I attend and the activities that we hold. I mainly choose to write about the events to not only get the word out, but because of how much work and passion that the students and faculty put into these shows, festivals, concerts and more.

Towards the end of every spring semester, Rider’s Art Management Association presents a Multi-Arts festival called Art Beast. The festival incorporates an array of arts activities and performances throughout the day on the campus grounds. Art Beast lets you unleash your inner artist in whichever way you choose. The theme for this year’s festivities is Art Beast: Global Edition! There will be opportunities for students to have their artwork on display around the festival site, and there will also be a tie-dying shirt table, a chance to win awesome prizes at the many game tents, food from “all over the globe”, an origami demonstration and chance to make your own origami shapes, a table where you can test your Chinese calligraphy abilities and much more!

One of the most special parts of the day is the live music and dance performances. The Arts Administration Ensemble will be rocking the crowd with several different covers from your favorite musicians such as The Beatles, Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Elle King and more. A few of the acapella groups around campus will also be performing along with members from Rider’s Dance Ensemble, and solo performances by our very own students.

Later in the evening, there will be a coffee house type of set-up that allows any student on campus to showcase whatever talent they may have.

“Coffee houses are one of my favorite events that Rider puts on. As someone who enjoys singing and music but isn’t pursuing it as a career, this allows me to still do what I love and just simply enjoy it. There are so many students here at Rider who want to perform but don’t have the platform to do so, and that’s where coffee house comes in handy,” said junior Education major Molly Hutchinson.

Following the coffee house portion of the evening, there will be a concert in our on-campus pub. Live in the Pub will feature different bands from around New Jersey to help us celebrate the wonderful world of music. Bands included are The Stolen, Save Face, Jean Pool, Feeny and Pete Zengerle. The performance will be held in Rider’s Pub, which is on the bottom floor of the Bart Luedeke Center at 8 PM.

Art Beast: Global Edition is a free event and will be held outside the Bart Luedeke Center at Rider University on April 22nd. Festivities start at 3 PM and go until you’re feeling like you can take on the world!


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