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My Secret Garden

Hi, friends, and fellow gardeners. I hope you are all having a great growing season. So far, we are in the “New Jersey Monsoon Season”, as one of my clients, Tanya V. puts it. We started off with a bit … Continue reading

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Rising Country Artist Makes Name For Herself

Rising Country Artist Makes Name For Herself By Victoria Corinne In recent years, country music has become a lot more popular in New Jersey. You’ll hear it blasting from cars, backyard BBQ’s and even right on the beach. Jenks Club, … Continue reading

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NJ Copper Coins

Did you know? The United States of America didn’t start minting its own coinage “nationally” until 1793 (technically 1792 with the half disme/dime). Prior to that, circulated currency was mostly from Britain (which makes sense, of course, since we were … Continue reading

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South Jersey Caribbean Festival

“Ery’ting is irie” Who doesn’t love the Caribbean? Even if you haven’t been there, it’s just there. In movies, TV shows and commercials, magazine ads, fashion and design. The cool blue waters, white and pink sandy beaches, palm trees swaying … Continue reading

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