Underground Logic: Artist’s to Watch

Underground Logic: Artist’s to Watch
By Victoria Corinne

When music lovers start listening to a new band or artist, they look for the reasons why that song or band is their new jam. We look for crescendos that make our blood flow and lyrics that make our insides want to jump up and dance, or that makes our insides remind us why we love music so much. This band to watch has been releasing music that does just that.

Underground Logic, an original hip-hop, rock and soul band from the Jersey Shore, Long Branch to be specific, has been rocking stages since the year 2008. The eclectic group of band mates consist of Tiffany Sterling on vocals, Zoltan Klenocki on bass, Brett Fuentes and Andrew Sheppard on guitar, and Andrew Davis on drums. The band is managed by Garrett Brewer and currently resides on the label Straight Jacket Records. Underground Logic is often described to sound like the likes of Korn, Dr Dre, Eminem and more.

Underground Logic has played everywhere from the smaller intimate clubs, to A-list rock venues throughout the area such as The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar and The Saint. The group is graced by badass musicians who have shared the stage with National Acts such as: Badfish, HR of Bad Brains, TM Stevens, Coheed & Cambria, Lionize and The Movement. Lead Singer Tiffany Sterling, prior to forming Underground Logic has worked and sat at the boards with Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Andreo “Fanatic” Heard, Babyface, Mike City, Bernie Worell, and TM Stevens.

undergroundA list of few hits to check out include: Pay The Price, I Do, Silence Volume, and more, where you can check out at their website: http://www.reverbnation.com/undergroundlogic

Their website holds information about the band, photos of the bands adventures and where you can check them out along the road. Underground Logic produces music that makes you want to dance and chill all at the same time, and what better of a combo could you want?

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