Shillelages and Shellfish

Redbank Guiness Oyster FestivalThe year was 1954 and in the small village of Galway, Ireland, the Fitzpatrick brothers were bored. Sitting by the dock of the bay they contemplated the oysters they had brought in that morning. Over a pint of Guinness Michael imagined different and exciting ways to cook them. Tommy sat on a stool and played his fiddle while little Sean built something that looked very much like a street fair stage. Oldest brother Finn had been hitting the Jameson’s pretty hard and fell off a rock while trying to invent a classic Irish dance he wanted to call lord of the pants. When he came to he had an epiphany – the brothers would host a festival where the only rule of the day would be to eat, drink, be merry, sing, and of course, dance.

What began that day started a tradition that has gleefully found it’s way across the pond and landed in New Jersey. Welcome lads and lassies to the Fifth Annual Red Bank Guinness Oyster Festival.

Not taking away anything from the Fitzpatrick boys and the lovely town of Galway, here in New Jersey we tend to things bigger and better. And again as it has over the past four years, the town of Red Bank has every bass covered. This street festival anticipates a great time had by one and all. It will be a huge food and music festival showcasing Red Bank’s excellent restaurants as well as entertaining thousands with continuous live music on two stages! It’s also family friendly with activities for the kids.

The event will also be a culinary feast with tons of Guinness and fresh oysters, plus 25 of Red Bank’s favorite restaurants will be serving a variety of specialty menu items including everything from Fried and Raw Oysters to Mini-Rueben’s to Filet Mignon Sandwiches to Lobster Rolls and more! 

In the true Jersey Shore music tradition there will be the best and brashest bands from all across the state. Performing at the 2014 Red Bank Guinness Oyster Festival -THE NERDS, BRIAN KIRK AND THE JIRKS,
and other last minute surprises that always seem to know where the action is! It’s a mix of Irish Music, Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock and Roll and more. Plus keep your eyes and ears pealed for roaming bag pipes and drums throughout the day (Also, if a wee little man tells you he is a Leprechaun and wants to sell you his lucky charms…call the police immediately).

The hosting duties have been past along from the Brothers Fitzpatrick to the Asbury Park Press, and they’d like to add to the revelry that The Red Bank Guinness Oyster Festival is a fundraiser for the
Jane H. Booker Cancer Center at Riverview Medical Center
The Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ
and Red Bank River Center.

Sunday September 24
Noon – 7:00PM
White St. Parking Lot

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