Rider University Hosts Special Guest, Sutton Foster

Rider University Hosts Special Guest, Sutton Foster
By Victoria Corinne

The Fine and Performing Arts students and faculty of Rider University (and a few students outside of the program) were graced by the presence of the iconic Broadway star, Sutton Foster on Wednesday April 29th. The attendees excitedly awaited Ms. Foster in the Gill Chapel on the university campus, where whispers and squeals could be heard amongst the crowd. The MT’s and TP’s, otherwise known as Musical Theatre and Theatre Performance students, had the chance to prepare questions to ask their role model.

“The fact that we got to interact with Sutton was the most amazing experience considering so many of us view her as a big influence in what we’re doing with our lives,” said Alison Coombs, sophomore Theatre Performance major.

Sutton Foster is currently filming her TV show “Younger,” which you can catch on TV Land at 10PM on Tuesdays. Between filming the show and living her busy life, Sutton stopped by to not only talk about theatre aspects, but to give real-life advice to the future Broadway stars.

Ms. Foster never had a back-up plan —It was always theatre. The happiness that she felt from doing her first show was when she realized that performing was her dream. By that point, every student was on the edge of their seats, trying to take in every word she was saying.

“If there’s anything in this world that brings you happiness, then do that because it’s what I did, and look where it brought me… Lawrenceville, New Jersey!”

Sutton made many jokes throughout her stay at Rider, including ones about failed TV shows and how she is officially done auditioning forever (thank god!) Nevertheless, Foster didn’t only joke around, but gave solid advice to the students. She mentioned how she “leaps without thought” at any opportunity provided. And how you don’t have to win everyone over in the business, you just have to prove to them why you deserve the role. She also mentioned how “you have to be willing to be a gypsy in this profession,” which made the theatre students even more fervent to fulfill their dreams.

The amount of advice that she presented was clearly beneficial for the students, who all ran to the practice rooms after Suttons departure. But the best advice of the entire master class was when she reminded everyone that they are human.

“Messing up lyrics or a dance move in a performance isn’t the end of the world, it’s just the beginning of a new way to better yourself as an actor.”

By the end of the class, the starlet had given tips on singing and acting techniques, talked about what her past looked like and what she wants to see in her future and to focus on the important things in life. Sutton Foster is one of the realest, most down-to-earth, genuine artists of her time, and Rider University was sincerely lucky and grateful to have her.

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