Moms Night Out

momsIt’s always fun when the ladies go out and about. Girl power. They take care of each other when they drink. “Lisa’s not feeling good. Let’s get her home.” As opposed to men, “Tommy doesn’t look too good. Let’s put his underwear over his head.” They chip in for gas and potato skins, and they all put on the fabulous clothes. Men are happy meeting the other guys there and wearing jeans and a Tim Tebow jersey that they got real cheap. And up until “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” they always had secrets. Well, the cougar is out of the bag now, so we turn to another group of women, who we will honor and celebrate like no other, simply because there is no other that comes close to the best people on earth…Mothers.

We will buy them flowers and bracelets and take them out for a fancy expensive dinner where everyone will be on their best behavior in their nice dresses and suits. We will cook them breakfast in bed, a frightening proposition when menu items can range from pancakes to a Captain Crunch smoothie. We will do chores around the house (the true woman’s fantasy), like painting, doing the dishes, cleaning the gutters and power washing the deck. And we will be happy to do all these things because they are our mothers. Not our spouses, our siblings, our friends or our co-workers. They are our mothers and they will always get our best. Rock on ladies!

But back to Moms Night Out… On Thursday, May 9, there will be a Mall-Wide Event. Menlo Park, Newport Centre, Ocean County Mall, Rockaway Town Square and others will be participating.

By attending you will have “your very own” night of retail therapy combined with pampering, fashion, food, live entertainment, socializing, retailer discounts/offerings and helpful demonstrations. You work hard, you’re a great mom, you’ve earned it! Come celebrate motherhood with other moms and enjoy a well deserved night off!
And don’t worry about you husbands. They’ll be happy with a pizza, a beer and a Yankee game. This one is for you. Happy Mothers Day!

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