Lifes a Drag

First off, let me say that this has nothing to do with any Liza Minnelli followers. You know who you are and you look fabulous!

That being said, let’s get back on topic with an afternoon of pure adrenaline and testosterone. Sounds and sights on a Sunday that we remember in those waaaayyy over the top radio commercials from the 1960’s, screaming, “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! DRAG-A-WAY RACING AT ATCO DRAGWAY!!!”  The good news for spectators is that in addition to SUNDAY! SUNDAY! (sorry), you can watch the races on a Friday or Saturday or even a Tuesday night. And it’s old school cheap – $10 for Tuesdays and Fridays, $15 on the weekends.

racewayYou love this stuff. It’s as American as apple pie, a cheeseburger and a Xanax before a flight. Drag racing used to be what men and boys were made of back in the 50’s and 60’s, the stuff of dreams and movies. Legends were born on Ventura Boulevard in Pasadena and on Main streets all over the USA. The prettiest girl would drop a flag and they’re be off, roaring and fishtailing down the street, “until the local cops, cherry tops, rip this holy night” (Springsteen – Jungleland – Learn it – Live it). The Fast and the Furious film series is all about the racing, although most of us will never drag down the streets of Rio towing a bank vault behind us. But popular they are, because there are just so many of us out there that love the souped-up, fire-breathing monsters that get up to 200 mph with an intense roar and a rumble that you can feel all the way to the concession stand. Since we start so young with our love affair with cars, it is no surprise that even the kids get into the action with the Atco junior dragster competitions on Saturday mornings.
For a different, visceral experience, everyone should get out there at least once in their lifetimes to see, hear and feel what pure power is all about. Old school power. We may have lost our edge in some areas in this new global configuration, but one thing we do know here in the USA is C-A-R-S. Fast, powerful, loud cars. Enjoy

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