Lost Your Marbles?

marblesAs the weather began to warm last month I broke out the summer shorts and gear. As I reached into the pocket of a particularly worn (and favorite) pair of my Brave New World baggies, I discovered an item that I had not seen or thought about in a very long time. My comb. OK, seriously, I found a marble. A yellow cat’s eye marble to be exact. I’m not sure if I had it there as a lucky charm or if under the influence of too many Yoo Hoo’s I had actually played a game of marbles. Whatever, the thing is that I drifted back to being a kid and remembered all the hours I played games like skelly, stickball and marbles. For some jaded reason of mine, I thought those days to be long gone, an anachronism, like Roy Rodgers, Brylcreem or voting with your conscience. But guess what, those days are alive and well and will be on full display this summer in Wildwood (where else?)

Mibsters unite! (Yes, I know it’s New Jersey, but it’s Mibsters, not Mobsters). To the uninitiated, mibster is the term given to those who shoot marbles, not to be confused with those who shoot craps. We usually call them losers. Thousands of these young players, aged 7-14 will be descending on the shores of Wildwood this month to participate in the 89th Annual National Marbles Tournament. Thousands. National. Marbles. Who knew? Qualifiers, who have won their local contests, will be participating in more than 1200 games. This is alternately great fun and serious business. These competitors, over a four-day competition will be in the running for some big prizes, among them national honors and bragging rights as well as college scholarships (my daughter just got accepted to Loyola University. I’m thinking about teaching her the game as you are reading this).

Admission is free for spectators. Granted, it may not be like cheering a touchdown pass by Manning or a shutout by Tanaka, but you’d be surprised at how animated an event like this can be. A challenge is a challenge and when the chips are down you find someone to root for, whether it’s a national star or that little tyke underdog who just can’t seem to miss. It takes place at Ringer Stadium, Wildwood Avenue and the beach, June 20-24 beginning at 8:00AM. You may not be planning on playing but check your pockets. You never know…


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