Flowers and Floyd

SOME people may very well have an uncle who wears a porkpie hat, bow tie and loud plaid sportcoat, and often croons old-time ditties. But has he co-starred with Robin Williams, earned a Guinness-verified world record or been the subject of a David Bowie song?

Uncle Floyd, otherwise known as Floyd Vivino, has.

Uncle Floyd Vivino has done many things in his long career in show business. He had a TV show for 24 years, and a radio show for 26 years. Today Floyd works primarily as a stand-up comedian and he is as funny as anyone out there.

Along this wacky ride, there have been other stops. In the late 1980’s, Mr. Vivino made an unplanned foray into motion pictures. A casting director, pleased that Mr. Vivino had given his son an autograph, promised that he would put him in a movie. Mr. Vivino did not give it another thought until he was called a year later. ”They wanted me to go to Thailand to be in ‘Good Morning, Vietnam,’ ” Mr. Vivino said. ”I kept hanging the phone up, thinking it was my guys playing a joke.”

But sure enough, Mr. Vivino was cast as one of Robin Williams’s fellow disc jockeys in the 1987 movie hit. Since then, he has appeared in 11 films as well as such television programs as ”Law and Order” and ”Cosby.”

He never fails to deliver the funny, whether on TV, radio, the silver screen or the stage. And that’s where you can see him this month as he brings his piano, his songs and stories, and his shtick to the hopping Stanhope House for a Valentine’s Day lovefest.

If walls could talk, the old walls of The Stanhope House would have some unbelievable stories to tell. The Stanhope House is a historic New Jersey concert venue housing live performances by popular national artists, up-and-coming local bands and comedians. There’s something for everyone here at the Stanhope House.

This month it’s our favorite Uncle. Floyd adjusts his material to fit the occasion. For church groups and family-oriented events, Floyd’s material is squeaky clean. When Uncle Floyd performs for police and firefighters, they insist he does more adult material. Even then, Uncle Floyd’s act is very tame compared to today’s foul-mouthed, vulgar comics. He’s never filthy or mean-spirited. That’s why Floyd is in high demand for fundraisers and charity events. Over his 40+ years in show business Uncle Floyd has raised literally millions of dollars for various charities, organizations and groups. One single event brought in an amazing $44,000.

So go. Laugh. Love. Eat. You might even get lucky!

Tuesday Feb. 14 Stanhope House Stanhope

Doors open at 6:00PM

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