Cape May Whale Watcher

whaleI remember I was on a cruise to Alaska and I was so excited because I saw a whale. Then I realized it was just my reflection in the sliding glass door. _ Gary DeLena

Whales are creatures that exist on television. The average New Jerseyan will not see a live whale up close in their lifetime. Occasionally we may catch a glimpse of one of these magnificent beings as they cruise along the coastline. We squint, we say things like, “Is that a whale or something that floated down from Brooklyn?” Dolphins are a tad more accessible it seems as they swim the shoreline and come alongside small fishing boats and make those funny squeaky noises, like somebody stepped on a chipmunk. But for most of us, they might as well be unicorns (ooh, Unicorns!) for all the close contact we will ever have with one…Unless to happen to visit the Cape May Whale Watcher in Cape May. This business was started in 1993 and boasts “…the largest and fastest boat with the Marine Mammal Sighting Guarantee.” Breaking it down for ya, “There will be whales.” And dolphins. Who knew? Let’s look at a bit of the history of the waters off the southernmost Jersey Shore:

In 1609, Captain Henry Hudson encountered Cape May, NJ for the first time aboard his sailing ship, the Half Moon. It was a brief visit, but in his logs there are accounts of the abundance of life that was present in the waters surrounding the cape. Herds of Dolphins and massive Whales were seen feeding on the immeasurable bounty of fish present in the virgin estuary of Delaware Bay.


Who knew? The Cape May Whale Watcher was a vessel designed for maximum passenger comfort and not as a fishing vessel. She was sleek, fast and able to go where the action was at the drop of a hat. She has now been surpasses by the Spirit of Cape May with state of the art equipment, electronics and all the amenities one would expect on a cruise designed primarily for pleasure. Captain Jeff Stewart is the man behind the company. He guarantees sightings of Marine Mammals or will give you a Free Pass, which has no expiration. Think they would do that for home runs at Yankee Stadium?

Moby Dick and Flipper aside, this beautiful boat will serve you for many occasions…  A Fireworks Cruise to Atlantic City, a romantic Sunset Dinner Cruise, a Lighthouse Tour or a Private Party. How about a Wedding? Fully catered to your specifications, you are the designer of your own personal Love Boat. Let’s just hope the groom is not named Jonah. Happy sailing.

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