Big Boys Don’t Cry

jersey-boysIt’s actually “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” I changed it to be clever as I write about a foursome that sang all the songs of the Four Seasons  as the original cast of Jersey Boys on Broadway. You remember the buzz when that show opened. Any respectable New Jerseyan had a vested interest, a real true-to-life stake, an affinity for the characters and story line that was not only entertaining, but also true. It happened here, in the glorious Garden State, a state rich with talented individuals who all went on to greater glory on a national and global scale. The four gentlemen who created the roles, Tony Award-nominees J. Robert Spencer, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard, and Tony Award-winner Christian Hoff are reunited again and are touring the country singing not only the Jersey Boy songs that thrilled theatre lovers on the Great White Way, but also bringing their delicious four-part harmonies to the songs of the Beatles, the Beach Boys and some of the biggest hits of the 60’s. Now known as the Midtown Men, these lads will make an appearance locally at the Mayo Performing Arts Center on June 7th. This show is Glee, the Voice and Pitch Perfect all rolled into one fantastic night of vocal brilliance. And the Mayo is the perfect venue to see it. So Walk Like a Man, to Morristown. Call your best girl Sherri. Or Dawn. Just don’t make them cry.

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