Backyard Beach Bash

summerfestThe Skylands region of New Jersey is just beautiful. Mountains, lakes, magical camping areas, finely manicured golf courses, parks and fields aplenty, even a classic minor league baseball team (that would be the Sussex County Miners).

One thing it does not possess however, is a beach. The only waves in that rustic county are the ones in the hair of its farmers and frauleins. The nicest sand you will find is when you hit your second shot off into the bunker just this side of the green.

The only boardwalk to be seen…well, you get the idea.
Thanks to the good folks over at Skylands Stadium, in conjunction with the powers that be, they are bringing the beach to you. No, there’s no tsunami headed your way, just the kind of fun you’d find at The Shore. Think of the possibilities. You actually get to spend the hours having fun without having to sit in a car for 6 hours, remembering that you left your EZ Pass in the other car and now you’re desperately searching for loose change. As the traffic piles up you try not to listen to the radio when the commercial sings out, “I get by with a little help from Depends,” as the rest area seems like a distant mirage and the only things you’ve consumed all day was a cup of coffee, three bottles of Evian and a Snickers. There will be no, “Are we there yet?” because yes, you’re already there!
So where is “There” actually and what’s the deal with the Beach Bash. Glad you asked…
You see, Skylands Stadium has this cool area called The Backyard Place, a brand new play and party zone. You can enjoy great music, fun food, summer activities, and a few surprises in a beach-like setting…right there in Sussex County!
The party will be held – rain or shine – and you should pack as you would for the beach. Bring towels, beach chairs, blankets and sunblock.
Here are some scheduled features and activities:

Giant Water Slide*: It’s BIG time fun! Bring a towel or a bathing suit to enjoy this activity
Kids Water Slide*: Bring a towel or a bathing suit to enjoy this activity
Knockerball: Giant inflatable battle balls with cool prizes for the winner
Frozen Drinks: The Tiki Hut Station will offer drinks for kids young and old
Food Trucks: Feast on delicious food truck fare (additional cost)
Water Balloon Toss: Compete for prizes
Carnival Games*: Test your luck on Boardwalk-style games
Beach Games: Giant Connect 4 game, spin art*, and more
Bounce House*: Bounce to your heart’s content on our monster dump truck
Train Rides*: Hop on the Miners Express for fun rides around The Backyard Place

If all that doesn’t do it for you, sit back and catch some rays while listening to some fantastic music and sipping a cool beverage.
It’s all happening at the “beach!”

Aug. 26-27
Noon to 6:00PM

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