Rising Country Artist Makes Name For Herself

Rising Country Artist Makes Name For Herself
By Victoria Corinne

In recent years, country music has become a lot more popular in New Jersey. You’ll hear it blasting from cars, backyard BBQ’s and even right on the beach. Jenks Club, which is located on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, hosts a country night on Wednesdays during the summer months. It is there where you’ll be able to catch an array of country artists, ranging from classic local country acts to rising NJ stars such as Nikki Briar.


Nikki, who’s real name is Nicole Signorella, has been a lover and performer of music since birth. Growing up in a musical family, Nikki did everything from playing drums and guitar, to doing musical theatre and showing her voice to her hometown in Clark, N.J. Although she didn’t grow up around country music, Briar took a real interest in the genre. When asked why country, her response reflected who she truly is as an artist. “I love the passion and the truth in country music. I love the story songs that can either make you laugh hysterically or bring you to tears. After all, music is about emotion, and I want my audience to feel something when they hear me sing.”

She credits such acts as Kenny Chesney, Gretchen Wilson, Norah Jones, Faith Hill, Michael Buble and Shania Twain for inspiring her unique sound. Not only is she a country artist, but also has a singer-songwriter type of style. Her mix of the two genres gives her a sound unlike many, which really helps draw her crowds.

Briar also sings at events for the New Jersey National Guard and is a proud Army wife.

Nikki is headed on tour for the summer, with many dates at the Jersey Shore and in the surrounding states. You can check out tour dates, pictures, videos and more at her website: www.nikkibriar.com



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