South Jersey Caribbean Festival

“Ery’ting is irie”

Who doesn’t love the Caribbean? Even if you haven’t been there, it’s just there.

south-jersey-carribeanIn movies, TV shows and commercials, magazine ads, fashion and design. The cool blue waters, white and pink sandy beaches, palm trees swaying in the tropical winds… It is the idea of what many see as Paradise. Happy to admit I am one of them. Thanks to my other job as a traveling comedian, I’ve had the opportunity to visit several countries with no constitution – the Bahamas, Tortola, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago and of course, Jamaica. Every time I set foot on one of those gorgeous islands, I am transported to another place not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It allows me to let go, relax and eNJoy life, leaving behind any and every trace of the chaos, pressure and pace of the “routine.” What if I told you that you wouldn’t need a passport to experience the Island Life, that you could find it right here in New Jersey for one glorious day in the sun? That my friends, is the idea behind the South Jersey Caribbean Festival, where the music, the food, the tropical drinks with rum and fruit, and rum, will take you away.


The South Jersey Caribbean Festival celebrates Caribbean culture and tradition of the Caribbean islands. The Festival is attended by both Caribbean Americans and regional residents of non-Caribbean decent who embrace the culture and represent a sample of the over one million people in the region who travel to the Caribbean and participate in arts and cultural events.

The South Jersey Caribbean Festival promotes cultural diversity and offers the public education on art, culture, music, health and financial information. The SJCF creates an opportunity for people to attend a free family event and provides a venue for artists to promote their work.

The South Jersey Caribbean Festival benefits the Southern New Jersey region as an annual event that attracts travel and tourism. Visitors become familiar with the City of Camden, the Camden Waterfront and other area attractions, such as the Adventure Aquarium, Susquehanna Bank Center and the Battleship New Jersey. Visitors also support local businesses including hotels and restaurants.

The Festival has featured local and international artists including Camden’s Universal African Dance Ensemble, Kerwin Dubois, Black Stalin, Swallow, and Grammy nominated Latin Jazz group, Cintron.

Past sponsors include the Walt Whitman Arts Center, Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission, Air Jamaica, Pepsi, Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), Comcast, Apple Vacations and Rutgers University.

So put on some sunblock, grab your flip-flops and a straw cowboy hat. Play some Bob Marley or even a little Kenny Chesney. Dance, sing, eat drink, and let go baby. “Ery’ting is irie!”

Saturday, July 12
Wiggins Park on the Camden Waterfront
12PM – 8PM
Free Admission

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