The 9/11 Death of One Man Leads to Hope for Many

This is a story we ran in 2012, we felt it was appropriate to repost this story of heroism and selflessness to commemorate the 13th anniversary of 9/11

This story is a departure from the usual types of things we cover here at eNJoy  but we think you’ll find this story up lifting and valuable. This is a story about one of our own fellow Jerseyans and his extraordinary heroism.

We came to know Ron Fazio Jr., through our work here at enjoy as a colleague and friend. One day, in conversation, Ron began to tell us of the story of his father and how on 9/11, he walked back into his office at the World Trade Center, after already having evacuated the building and after the 1st plane struck, to save the lives of his coworkers. He took control of the situation by instructing his colleagues to get out while he held the door open. That was the last time Ron Sr., was seen alive.

The story is about the death of one man and the hope and goodness he brings to all,  after his death. This is a tribute to Ron Fazio Senior, a great citizen of the State of New Jersey, Enjoy!

The Fazio family lost Ronald C. Fazio, Sr., on September 11th, 2001. What we found was a story that will positively impact people until the end of time. After tracing Ronald’s actions that September morning, we learned that he, much like thousands of other civilians, saved many lives while losing his own. He was seen by his colleagues and strangers literally Holding The Door For Others so they could return to their loved ones. We lost a father, many lost a best friend, but we all gained an inspiration to help others help themselves live with the challenging world of loss.

Hold The Door For Others is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities that connect people and empower them to grow through any type of loss and adversity so that they may be able to achieve their dreams. We are dedicated to our core belief that people grow through loss and adversity. Our research on growth following crisis, trauma, and loss has reinforced our beliefs. We value the power of healing through human connections and helping others. We stand by our mission and know that people do not have to just cope or survive following loss, than can thrive despite loss and adversity.

Hold The Door For Others researches, develops, and distributes free resources, workbooks, and services to those who are affected by any type of loss or adversity nation-wide and beyond.
Hold The Door Day 
Hold The Door Day is our annual free workshop for both children and adults who have experienced any type of loss or adversity. Attendees participate in life-skills based workshops, informative seminars, and get the opportunity to connect with others who have experienced different types of hardships. They learn how to grow through loss and adversity from our skilled Growth Consultants, Ph.D.’s, inspirational speakers, and fellow attendees.  As part of our programming, we also provide free take-home resources.We run two programs simultaneously:  A Helper Program for people who want to learn supporting skills to help their loved ones or friends grow through loss and adversity and a Growth Program which is our traditional program for people who have personally experienced loss, adversity, or crisis.
Other resources include workbooks, Finding Your Way Through Sudden Loss and Adversity, Personal Growth Guide, and a children’s book If You Were A Dinosaur, Would you Hold The Door? A Story About Autism and Helping Others.
For more information on Hold The Door For Others, please visit


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