September Selections

Hi, friends, and fellow gardeners, it is September already, and this summer went very quickly. Many days did not even feel like summer at all, with these Adirondack-like temperatures. A high daytime temperature of 72 degrees is just fine with me, but more about the Adirondacks later.

I am writing to you from the NJLCA (New Jersey Landscape Contractors) meeting, where we are being updated about new plant pests, and new plant varieties for the professional landscape community. I am looking forward to some new planting inspiration. I just saw a “Low and Behold”, a dwarf Buddlea (butterfly bush); it was quite compact, and full of blooms- I will definitely be trying this!

Some plants to watch for and perhaps try in your garden and landscape:
Lavender “Phenomenal”
Hydrangea “Electric Rouge” ( a true Red, fade to Bronze)
Hydrangea “Endless Summer Bloom-struck”
Hydrangea “Let’s Dance” -considered the best Pink re-bloomer by the growers.
Hydrangea “Rhapsody Blue” -another great re-bloomer.
“Bloomerang Dark Purple” Lilac
“Sunny” Knockout Rose (most fragrant)
“Peachy Keen” Knockout Rose
“Castle Spire” Holly (not deer resistant)
North Pole Arbor Vitae (not deer resistant)
Blue Grama Grass (nifty seed heads start in May)
“Ruby Ribbons” Panicum (Grass)
“Adagio” Maiden Grass- Early tassels or blooms. (not to be used in wetlands).
“Little Zebra” Miscanthis
Pennesetum “Burgundy Bunny” (in well-drained soil).
Cut grasses back by July 4th, as they are day neutral. Do not buy grasses with rust on them.
***Remember to give proper spacing to your plants in your plantings.

“New” Insects of Ornamental Plants in NJ:

Emerald Ash Borer (Identified in Bridgewater, NJ), watch for crown dieback.
Japanese cedar longhorn Beetle
Boxwood Blight (as identified by black spots on the leaves, and more).

Here is some current Insect and anti- Fungal products recommended by the growers:
Forbid miticide
Insect website: Bugwood

I hope that this list and information is helpful with making new selections for your gardens.

Friends, as we head into colder weather, and after the damaging results of last winter, let’s think about winterizing our plants. I will go into more about that topic in a future article.

IMG_3228Everett Fink is a Certified Rutgers Master Gardener, Certified Pesticide applicator, and N.J. State licensed Home Improvement Contractor. Everett was designated Top Tier Designer at Sponzilli Landscape, and currently Owns Property Details LLC, in New Jersey.

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