Shore to Return

jersey-festivalAs a resident of the Jersey Shore, I was able to live through and witness personally the devastation that was Hurricane Sandy. I saw homes washed out to sea, trees crashing through rooftops and flooding that washed away many of my childhood memories. Thankfully, I have a very short memory and the attention span of a knat.
Putting the unpleasant past behind us is almost a sport in New Jersey. We’re Jersey Strong – tough, resilient and undeniably undefeatable. Among the hardest hit towns along the shore was the beachfront resort of Seaside Heights. The borough’s economy is driven by the summer month’s influx of tourists that frequent the boardwalk’s rides, attractions, shops and eateries. Not to mention the bars where live music has reigned since the 60’s.

It should come as no surprise that Seaside is ready to rock and roll out the red carpet as the summer of ’13 approaches. The Jersey Shore Festival kicks off the season in style May 17 – 19 with music, car shows, surf lessons and even an environmental education seminar. There will be plenty of food and drink and as always, something for everybody.

Here are a few things you can look forward to:
The best of the best local; bands will be performing throughout the weekend at the newly reopened clubs like The Aztec, Hemingway’s and Jack and Bill’s.
Hot rods, classics and American Muscle cars will all be on display. Admission is free.
On Friday, May 17 there will be a welcoming party with a silent auction to benefit hurricane recovery organization Helping Hands of New Jersey.
Artists, local vendors, food and drink, along with children’s attractions and booths.
Coastline Adventures will be giving free surf and paddleboard clinics throughout the weekend at Grant Ave. They will also hold an environmental seminar on Sunday, May 19.

For more information, visit their web site at:

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