MLCVB Hosts Super Bowl Reception to Prepare Region and Build Relationships

New Jersey/New York Road to Super Bowl Reception connected businesses from both New Jersey and New York City with the objective of building relationships and eventually developing tourism packages for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, which will bring thousands of visitors to the Meadowlands Liberty region.

The Meadowlands Liberty Convention and Visitors Bureau (MLCVB) hosted the reception at the Coaches Club in New Meadowlands Stadium, giving guests the opportunity to walk on the very field that the big game will be played on.

The reception offered meeting planners, executives in the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as regional business representatives from the New York Metropolitan area the opportunity to meet, develop working relationships, and better prepare the region for the influx of visitors.

“As we plan for the Super Bowl, we recognize that tourism opportunities exist for visitors in both New Jersey and New York City. Bringing together businesses from both sides of the Hudson will help us achieve our mutual goal of making the experience as enjoyable as possible for our guests,” said MLCVB Director Judith Ross. “These partnerships will advance the region’s businesses by providing them with greater access to the economic opportunities and benefits that such a momentous occasion will bring.”

With representatives present from more than 100 organizations, the event’s purpose was achieved as it gathered travel and tourism publications, meeting planners, entertainment providers, restaurants, hotels, attractions and other regional destination entities. Attendees included a representative from NYC & Company, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square, Madison Square Garden, as well as a member of the NFL host committee. Grace Hanlon, Executive Director of NJ State Division of Travel & Tourism, also attended the reception.

With such a positive turnout, the MLCVB anticipates this event continuing in the years leading up to the Super Bowl.

To add to the excitement, The New Jersey/New York Road to Super Bowl Reception is participating in the 2011 Great Event Photo Contest on Facebook sponsored by Cvent, a lead generator of online software for Event Survey & E-Marketing Solutions. Event attendees are encouraged to select their favorite photo from the July 28th event and submit it on the Cvent Facebook page. Submission is as simple as uploading a captivating picture from the event for a chance at $10,000 cash prize and $8,000 worth of advertising – ten runner-ups will receive $1,000. The contest entry period ends Monday, August 8th.

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