Kites Over Wildwood

kiteWhen is a kite not a kite? What image comes to mind when the word is mentioned? The first image to register for me is Ben Franklin, standing out there with his little glasses, kite and key in hand, ready to get tasered by lightning. Then there is the iconic song and scene from Mary Poppins, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite.” I can hear Julie Andrews singing with the family and also get a glimpse of that pathetic excuse for a kite. Seriously…a suffragette banner for a tail? And where was the duct tape?

The technology and design of today’s kites runs a parallel course to that of the hot air balloon industry. These are not your father’s kites, held together with string, cut-up bedroom sheets and scotch tape. No, no, no, these are almost incomprehensible.

There are mermaids, dragons right out of “Game of Thrones,” flying fish, ducks, snakes, cartoon characters, and geometric shapes and sizes I haven’t thought about since sophomore year in high school. I also think I saw a loosely put together slice of pizza.

The force behind the International Kite Festival (if you don’t count the wind that is),

is a national operation called Sky Festivals. The largest and grandest of them all happens every year on the wide and windy beaches of Wildwood. It will take place this Memorial Day weekend, May 22-25, and it will rock.

A little bit of information about your hosts and producer of said event:

“Sky Festival Productions specializes in generating unique kite flying and family entertainment festivals nationwide.  With over 20 years of festival management, Sky Festivals delivers comprehensive programs which include customized event operations and public relations elements. Sky Festival Productions remains the leader in creating kite and family entertainment festivals and has produced events both domestically and internationally. Creating eye candy in the sky and on the ground, a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes will leave you with an extraordinary experience forever etched in your mind. Kite flying at its finest – but don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself!  Experience the thrill of launching a large inflatable kite in the shape of an Octopus; see a child’s face light up as they run through a cylindrical kite the size of a garage; join us in an awe-inspiring kite building workshop where pieces of fabric and imagination turn in to breathtaking sails flying against the wind.  Come, join us and experience the splendor of being a kid once again!”

While you’re at it, visit your local kite emporium and see for yourself the types of

flying contraptions that are available. Entrants into the Kite Festival are eligible for prizes and registration is easy. Just visit their website and then fly away. Just do us a favor and do not land it on the State House steps.

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