Kid Junction

A typical suburban family with three children will throw approximately 39 “kid” parties during those formative years, before their idea of a party changes to something that involves jewelry, teen night at a club and a live band, DJ, or Gossip Girl celebrity look alike. Barney is dead. Long live Barney. The gamut runs from backyard water slides to Disney Princess Parties to “Louie the Italian Clown” Pizza Night. We all do this. We send out invites, prep the house, the yard, and warn the neighbors that two dozen screaming children will soon be invading our normally reserved tree-lined street. We make special note of alerting “get-off-my-lawn-guy,”  because kids are like animals in the sense that can instinctively spot trouble… and run right to it.

kid-junctionWell wouldn’t you know someone went out and did it one better. Welcome to Kid Junction. Founded by two families from Branchburg with a combined six children between them (including a set of twins for each family), the Burkhardt’s and the Marchese’s were looking for something a tad better than Chuck Cheese and ”pin-the-tail-on-the-substitute teacher.” Combining their education and expertise in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Business and Psychology, and putting in two years of research (homework, there’s always homework!) they created a concept for a better venue,  not only as a party destination, but also to provide New Jersey with an all-inclusive and creative play place. The success has become evident as they recently opened a second location.

First of all, how can you not love a place that features a Kid Town which houses a pizzeria, animal hospital and costume shop for playing dress up? The more I saw of this place, the more I found myself asking, “Why weren’t you guys around when my kids were little”? (Of course, by the time I have grandchildren, Kid Junction will be a global brand with franchises in Portugal, Nepal and Alaska, where the many Palin toddlers will enjoy “Moose Madness Mondays”).

Kid Junction is what every new business in New Jersey should strive to be. Their involvement in the community encompasses the donation of free passes to their Reading Incentive Program along with books for needy children around the country. They are also a participant in United Way, offering broad discounts to thousands of United Way supporters. Their accolades include a Best of the Best Family Fun Center award in Central Jersey. Check out their website and take a look for yourself. Your kids will thank you. (But they still won’t clean their room).

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