Green Flag Driving Experience

I like driving fast. Most of the local law enforcement personnel and state troops in New Jersey will have no trouble corroborating that and possibly doling out an anecdote or two relaying some of the more imaginative excuses for speeding that I have come up with over the years (I was doing so well until I said I was pregnant and was on my way to the hospital to give birth to twins). We all know that speed belongs on a closed course with professional drivers, as the car commercials always tell us. But who has the wherewithal to drive a race car and where do you find a track in the congested automobile landscape that is New Jersey (besides the Parkway at 4AM I mean)? Bingo! Found a place!

The Green Flag Driving Experience is the ultimate outdoor classroom for both the experienced racer and the first-time driver who want to feel what it’s like to navigate a Winged Three Quarter Midget or Legend’s Car at speeds up to 90MPH. Before you even get in a car however, several top notch instructors will give you all the information and training available so you can put safety into the ride with you. There is a “Drive for Fun” package for those who are looking to cruise around a track but not necessarily turn Nascar. There is A Modified Thrill Package where you drive an open wheel Modified and experience the earth-thundering feel of raw power at your command. There is even a Group Package that is perfect for corporate events and teenage girls (Is it me or do young girls drive faster than anyone?). Whatever your preference, there are qualifies instructors, pit crew members and vehicles ready and waiting for you to buckle up and put your foot down when you get that green light. It all takes place at Wall Stadium – Racing at the Jersey Shore since 1950!

This month’s events take place May 7 and May 28. Before the summer begins to choke the highways and the tourists take over the back roads, why not feel the need for speed in a setting where you not only have the best instructors, but also the fastest cars. No circles, no red lights and no speed bumps. It’s like a Bruce Springsteen song…”Roll down the windows and let the wind blow back your hair…” Just do me a favor and keep it on the track. There’s already enough of us crazies out there…

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