Dinosaur Train Live

dinasour-trainEons ago dinosaurs roamed the earth. They traveled over mountains, prairies and deserts on their four legs, with the exception of the T-Rex, who traversed the land on their hind legs with those tiny little arms that could barely scratch their, well, behinds. But what if there were other means of transportation? A Stegosaurus car pool. A Brontosaurus bus. A Tyrannosaurus ferry. Or a Dino Train. Thanks to the good and talented people of the Jim Henson Muppet Factory and the magnificent McCarter Theatre in Princeton, this fantasy has become a reality in the form of a live, multi-media show that will amaze and entertain the youngest members of the family as well as the well-heeled adults who chauffer them from pre-school to baby yoga classes. Yes, Dinosaur Train – Live comes to New Jersey and unlike New Jersey Transit, this show will be right on time. There will be no delays due to maintenance problems or debris on the tracks. No overcrowded cars or terrifying terminals. This ride is pure fun.

Supporting Education, Access and Community Enrichment, McCarter’s work extends beyond the on-stage world-class performing arts performances. McCarter plays a critical role in the education of our children, through programs that enhance the lives of over 33,000 students each year. McCarter’s school and community education programs continue to garner acclaim for originality, quality, and diversity. Additionally, McCarter serves its community through broad-based outreach activities, including an ongoing discussion series at the Princeton Public Library, post-performance discussions, ASL interpreted performances for the hearing impaired, and Audio Described performances for the visually impaired.

As a world-class performing arts presenter, McCarter offers audiences diverse programs of music, dance, and special events featuring artists of national and international repute from a wide variety of disciplines and styles. Under the leadership of W. W. Lockwood, Jr. for 50 years, McCarter’s programs rival any performing arts series in the country. Artists of national and international renown, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Bill Cosby, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Cecilia Bartoli, Kathleen Battle, Midori, Penn and Teller, Twyla Tharp and the Mark Morris Dance Group, regularly perform on the McCarter stage.

McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts in Princeton is one of the most active cultural centers in the nation, offering over 200 performances of theater, dance, music and special events each year.   McCarter’s audience is truly a regional one. Over 200,000 people come to McCarter each season from all twenty-one counties in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania, New York and twenty-three additional states.

Hop on board the Dinosaur Train – Live! tour and join Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, and all their adoptive Pteranodon family in this upbeat, interactive, whimsical, multimedia trip back through pre-historical jungles, swamps, volcanoes and oceans. Based on the top-rated PBS series, this live musical theater show embraces and celebrates the fascination that pre-schoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains. So bring the whole family along on this larger than life adventure back to an age when dinosaurs roamed the earth—and rode in trains!


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