Cruise Cornucopia

Before you go to Mapquest to find the island of Cornucopia, let me inform you that it is indeed not an island or a tropical destination. It is however, a fabulous getaway that you can experience right here at home. Yes, I know when you think of a cruise, assorted images come to mind. On the one hand, there is the version that looks like a Corona commercial, where everyone is lounging in a beach chair with a cool beverage as the children play on wave runners and floaties, while the ship looms off in the background, a silent and nautical reminder that fun is just a tender ride away. Then there is the other vision, the one where octogenarians follow the call to the buffet like the natives in “The Time Machine,” answering the bell for food. And more food. Then Bingo, shopping and complaining that the toilets flushed away their underwear. There is another, simpler and more accessible cruise however, and it’s right here in Perth Amboy. And the possibilities and choices for a fun morning, afternoon or evening are endless.

Let’s do a rundown of what Cornucopia offer to its extremely lucky patrons…Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Showers, Proms and Graduations, Sweet 16 Parties, Baptisms at Sea, and Wet  T-Shirt Contests. OK, I’m kidding, there are no Baptisms. But if you can dream it, they can accommodate it, that’s the point. They cater to the individual and provide personal service and tailoring any event to your specifications. They have three ships in their magnificent fleet – The Majesty, the Princess and Destiny. They were going to name one the Carnival Splendor but that idea was voted down rather quickly. The Majesty can accommodate 1200 guests, the Princess 400 and the Destiny 250. They also have a dingy that holds 7.

Cruise the harbor with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and my old house in Brooklyn, as you dine on fantastically prepared cuisine and dance to incredible entertainment. There is also an Easter Sunday Brunch sure to be a hit with not only the kids, but the whole family. Check out their website for full details. Sail On, Sail On, Sailor.

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