Babies on Parade

baby-paradeThere is something uniquely touching and nostalgic about babies and beaches in New Jersey. For some it takes us back to our earliest memories, cuddled under a blanket in the warm sun with our parents and siblings. I have a treasured photo of my Mom and I in the sands of Asbury Park and I may not have ever felt happier or more loved…falling asleep under an umbrella while the soothing waves crashed on the shoreline. Do you recall that feeling? Well, this event is nothing like that. Where that image brings calm, this one shouts revelry. In the place of babies on a blanket we give you… babies on parade!

The boardwalk in Ocean City will be the place to be during the evening hours of August 13th, when the 106th (yes, you read that right…106th!) Annual Ocean City Baby Parade returns, and if last year’s exhibition was any indication, the outfits, costumes and floats are getting bigger and better.

To give you an idea of some infant sartorial splendor you might expect to see on display that night…

Charlie Brown waiting for the Giant Pumpkin, Grammy’s Library, Sunflower Baby, Jersey Tomato Twins, Sponge Bob Baby, Frozen’s Elsa, Anna and Olaf,

Grease’s Sandy and Danny, and Mister Chubby Ice Cream.

Who knows what this year will bring, especially in an election year. We might witness entrants like, Baby Trump (9 pounds 11 ounces, all but 7 pounds, hair). Or President Pampers (a la the cherubic-faced Marco Rubio). Or maybe even Toddler Hillary (the only contestant in a pants suit).

The colorful floats also promise to give you a laugh or two. Everything from Star Wars to X-Men to the Avengers will of course appease the fanboy crowd, in addition to the more traditional themes like Future American Sailors, Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back to School We Go, Lego Everything is Awesome, and Ocean City Luau Girls, you might find outrageous ideas such as Children of the Corn-on-the-Cob and The Kardashian Kids. Point is, you don’t know what to expect except that it will be a visually entertaining evening that will cheer up even the crustiest curmudgeon.

On another note, the boardwalk and beaches of Ocean City continue to be one of the most popular and yet underrated Shore towns in New Jersey. Continually clean with every imaginable ride, concession stand, game centers and outdoor concerts, it shines like a diamond from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Easy to get to off the Garden State Parkway, it is a summer destination within everyone’s reach and budget.

Worth a trip anytime, but we suggest going when the next generation of New Jerseyans will be on parade. And yes, definitely bring your camera!

Aug 13        On the Boardwalk, 6th – 12th Streets
5:30pm.       609-399-6111.

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