And Now For Something Completely Different

Putting a face to a voice is very easy when you hear that phrase. Serious fans of silly comedy know that voice can only belong to one person – John Cleese. We loved him on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” whether he was selling a dead parrot, claiming the twit of the year title or just starting an argument. My personal favorite? The Ministry of Silly Walks. Then there were the movies: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Life of Brian” and “The Meaning of Life.”
That was just the beginning of our love affair with this witty Brit. After his tenure as a standout member of the comedy troupe, his star shone brightly in films such as “A Fish Called Wanda,” “Silverado,” as “Q” in the James Bond series and as Nearly Headless Nick in the “Harry Potter” films. He was also a popular voice actor in “George of the Jungle,” “Shrek” and “Winnie the Pooh.”
And let’s not forget his brilliantly funny and incisive BBC-TV show “Fawlty Towers.”
I have often thought that I would love to have a conversation with him, just to probe his mind to see where in the world he found his inspiration for the insane and intelligent characters he created. Well my prayers have been answered. On January 29th at the magnificent Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, Mr. Cleese will appear in the flesh to sit and ruminate on, in his own terms, matters serious and silly. Absurd and/or ridiculous questions only are requested, please. Why not go in prepared?
Here are some bullet points you can address…
* He was 6’ tall by age 12
* Holds a law degree from Cambridge University
* Nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (A Fish Called Wanda)
* Professor-at-Large at Cornell University

So there ya go.
John will tell stories of his life and career and you just may finally find out the air-speed of an unladen swallow. Before John silly walks his way on to the stage, the excitement will build as the audience will get to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail in its entirety on the big screen. Bonus!

Don’t miss your chance to see the man who has achieved nothing short of comedy royalty in this thrill-of-a lifetime evening.

**Coconuts NOT included in ticket price.

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