Acclaimed Rapper Spits Advice At Rider University Students

Acclaimed Rapper Spits Advice At Rider University Students
By Victoria Corinne

The faculty at Rider University is known for welcoming guest speakers into their classrooms that will leave their students with something to ponder on. In late October, students at the school got just that experience in an American Studies course called Hip Hop and American Culture thanks to Mickey Hess, an English professor at the college. The class explores, examines and critiques Hip Hop as a part of American culture. What better way to exceed those goals than invite an artist who has first-hand endured the triumphs and tragedies of the Hip Hop lifestyle?

Traum Diggs is a writer and hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. Diggs attended Temple University in Philadelphia and received a degree in Journalism, yet continued to establish his rapping career. When asked why he chose music, Hip Hop specifically, he said that he didn’t have a choice, and that MCing/rapping was always it for him. By the way that Traum described his experiences and the genre as a whole, it was apparent why he didn’t have a choice. It comes natural to him, and that’s visible through the knowledge and passion that he showed the students. Not only do his formidable lyrics bring a sense of intelligence and consciousness to the surface, but his stage presence is as captivating as the rhymes that he puts out.

Diggs was as calm, cool and collected as one could assume. After showing a documentary about his latest project, Traum delved into everything and anything Hip Hop. He shared advice and lessons about the genre and life in general.
“Go viral, show the world what you can do, get respect and recognition,” seemed to be the main theme of his visit. He also touched on how to operate in the current Hip Hop world, sharing how “assembling a strong team (in all aspects) is how to make it in Hip Hop in this generation.” At an age where most college students are trying to figure out how to navigate themselves and their lives, Traum reminded us that you can only “sell-out” to yourself – what you accomplish is art in it’s own way.

Amongst all of Diggs insightful words, he reminded us that not only is Hip Hop about being authentic, but life is about authenticity. After a thought-provoking Q and A session, Traum himself stood up to do what he does best – spit rhymes and get some minds thinking. Traum recited the line, “It’s not about dying, it’s what you’re dying about,” that had students minds most definitely running well after class had ended. The best part about the notable rapper visiting a class that was full of musicians, and non-musicians, was that he helped us understand the genre on a better level, but also helped us understand the world a little more through his lessons and lyrics. What more could you really ask for?

You can find out more about Traum Digg’s music news and other happenings at his website:

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