Hello again, Garden Friends, now that we have all finished our chocolate bunnies, I have some thoughts and observations to share.

green1It has been very dry here in New Jersey, so do not forget to water judiciously, in an effort to conserve water as much as possible. Please try to monitor rainfall, so you can increase your water management awareness. Water by hand your shrub and garden beds, and water in the morning, so no one goes to bed with wet feet. For more info, see my article: “Water 101”




Cut your lawn at a height of 3-1/2” or greater, to maintain leaf moisture, and create a lower soil temperature. Water only in early morning.

green3Mulch shrub and garden beds for water retention, and weed suppression- try using Root mulch, or a highly organic mulch. Remember to keep the mulch away from the stems of plants and trees, and check previously mulched areas to avoid over-mulching. Also try mulching your container gardens with cedar mulch for moisture retention, which will provide less frequent waterings.

As we prepare for our upcoming holiday weekends, be aware of temperature, in addition to rainfall amounts, to help you with planning your activities. I am noticing that more and more people are becoming observant, perhaps to the convenience of smartphone apps. I am currently using Rain Log Lite smartphone app for monitoring the local rainfall.

I am hoping that these items resonate with you not only during this early part of the gardening season, but throughout the growing year in New Jersey. Thanks for your attention.

Written By: Everett Fink

IMG_3228Everett Fink is a Certified Rutgers Master Gardener, Certified Pesticide applicator, and N.J. State licensed Home Improvement Contractor. Everett was designated Top Tier Designer at Sponzilli Landscape, and currently Owns Property Details LLC, in New Jersey.

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