Magic Mike

superIn the course of one’s lifetime there may come certain evenings of entertainment featuring one or more performers who leave an indelible mark on both your sense of wonder and perhaps your funny bone as well. This does not happen very often and those events can sometimes be counted on one hand. Even rarer are the opportunities to go behind the scenes and actually stand alongside an artist as he wields his weapons of mirth, merriment and, yes, magic. Such is the case with your humble editor who watched as a young man honed his craft sailing the seas with Disney Cruise Line. As a fellow cohort treading the boards on The Disney Magic, I got to see first-hand the smiles on the faces of children and the fall-on-the-floor laughter emanating from the adults night after night in the Walt Disney Theatre. If you don’t know the name from his award-winning appearances on national television, don’t worry, you will. It is Mike Super. Write it down and remember it. You will thank me later.

Fast forward a few years to a hit NBC show called “Phenomenon,” hosted by master illusionist Criss Angel. Week after week we tuned in and were amazed at not only the mind-blowing illusions and magic, but also his easy-going manner and outrageous sense of humor (I’d like to think some of my comedy chops rubbed off on him).

Oh, and did I mention, he won the whole darn thing! Not one to rest on his laurels he returned to the small screen and continued to enhance his career, emerging as a top finalist on “America’s Got Talent.” At least he didn’t surrender the title to a dog like my friend comedian Tom Cotter. Following all that exposure he embarked on both national and international tours in many of the most prestigious theatres from coast to coast and continent to continent. And guess what you lucky devils, he’s coming to New Jersey this month.

The Bergen Performing Arts Center will host this event on February 20th and tickets are flying off the shelf. Long known for presenting the most interesting and diverse entertainment choices from opera to dance and theatre, this time they knock it out of the park with a show that literally does feature something for everybody.

As the press release says:
“His appeal to both young and old has made him one of the most sought after mystifiers in the world!
Imagine mind-blowing illusions combined with the hilarity of a headline comedian. Mike Super has taken the performance of magic to new, mainstream levels that will reach out and literally touch you! Mike’s turned the magic show on its side and dumped it out into the audience! YOU become Mike’s onstage assistant!
Enjoy this family-friendly performing and join the journey of emotions from laughter, intrigue, danger, fear, wonder, anticipation, tears and sentimentality that only Mike Super delivers.”

OK, so I am both fan and friend. Sue me. This is a night of entertainment that you will not only eNJoy immensely, but one that will stay with you long after you depart the theatre, as you continuously ask yourself, “How in the world did he DO that!?”
I promise I’ll never tell.

Saturday    February 20    7:30PM
Bergen PAC

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