Lego Art

lego-artBeginning November 14th, child’s play becomes high art. And guess what! It has nothing to do with violent video games, or cellular technology or even elaborate game boards. It is as old school as you can get. In the film The Graduate, one memorable scene takes place when young Ben is approached by a friend of his father, who offers him one word for the future…Plastics. The ultimate plastic toy evolved into the simple geometrical shapes and sizes of the Lego Brick. But it had never seen the magic that it held until some people took it to new heights. One of these artists is Nathan Sawaya.

Well, here we are, calling all Lego lovers because the incredible Lego sculptures created by Nathan Sawaya are returning to the Morris Museum for a new exhibition!  Nathan Sawaya is a New York based artist who creates awe-inspiring works out of some of the most unlikely things.  This exhibition features large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks.  Lego bricks to be exact!  Sawaya’s ability to transform this common toy into something meaningful, his devotion to spatial perfection and the way he conceptualizes action, enables him to elevate what almost every child has played with into the status of contemporary art.  Sawaya’s captivating sculptures range from whimsical to complex and present a new perspective on creativity.  Kids of all ages are sure to be delighted with this grand display of more than 30 original works of art.

The Morris Museum is always on the cutting edge of art with interesting and innovative exhibits that never cease to impress museumgoers in New Jersey. This includes stage presentations like Sherlock Holmes at the Bickford Theatre, Ragtime Music from the Guinness Collection or photo exhibits that showcase the devastation that was Hurricane Sandy. Easily accessible from all major highways, this is one afternoon that will be well spent. It’s the place where dreams are built. With Lego bricks.

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