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stateIt’s Tuesday. Late morning. The kids are home from school. Sure, there seem to be more of them than there were last year. Are they all even yours? Have the neighborhood tykes taken up residence in your house? And oh, there’s always that one kid. If he got lost, you’d look for him…but not right away.

Welcome to the rainy, rowdy, rocky days of summer, where there is no beach, no pool or playground, and no peace. What’s a mom to do? Can you pry them away from their laptops, video games or other assorted hand-held devices (as the airlines call them)? You need incentive, a reason to get up off the couch, or at least stop bouncing on it. You need a FREE MOVIE. And not just on some dinky small screen. No, you need a giant 46 foot screen with state-of-the-art surround sound. You need to check out the Summer Movie schedule at the State Theatre in New Brunswick!

Already recognized as one of the most family-friendly theatre organizations in the State, the powers that be have added yet another feather in their already filled cap.
Milk & Cookies is a lively, interactive storytelling and music series for families.
State Theatre New Jersey’s Relaxed Performances allow families with children on the autism spectrum or with other sensory sensitivities to enjoy high-quality live entertainment in a safe, welcoming, sensory-friendly environment.
And now, State Theatre New Jersey presents free summer kids’ movies, with both morning (10:30AM) and evening (7:00PM) weekday screenings. Three films are scheduled for July and three more in August. The movies? All winners. Here is the schedule:

July 12 – FROZEN
Aug 2  – BABE
Aug 16 – ALLADIN

So write down the dates, check out Lonnie Quinn’s weather forecasts and tell yourself You. Are. Awesome. Because you are a mom with a plan. Load the van, pack the snacks and hit the road. Just don’t forget that one kid. We don’t want anyone to be left Home Alone. Now that’s an idea for a movie…

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