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Jersey Jams has been on hiatus for a few months as a result of our correspondent  winning a coveted internship with “Live at Lincoln Center” (what, a startup New Jersey web site wasn’t good enough for you?), but we are back with a look at, of all things, a band that shares not only our commitment to first class entertainment in the Groovin’ State, but also our name! Say hello to “enjoy” – the band.

My discovery of these lads came about in a venue called Cross and Orange in the new hip downtown area of Asbury Park. Engaged in hearty and lively conversation with the patrons around me, I was perfectly content and comfortable just chatting away. But then something happened. The temperature of the room went sky high as the first notes of a Van Morrison song shot out of the speakers. Conversations stopped mid-measure and the ladies started streaming onto the dance floor; three, four at a time, and others leading their men by the hand or by their ties.  By the third or fourth song, the space was packed with gyrating adults and adult wanabees, singing along with popular tunes by several artists covering five decades of rock and roll, R & B, and country. A cover band that stayed true to the artists they represented, with vocals that sounded exactly like the singers being imitated.

In addition to the fare offered up on this day, they also have a recorded debut CD that features all originals, cleverly written and brilliantly performed.

As editor of eNJoynj.com, I have the pleasure of exploring the state for anything interesting, exciting and entertaining. Many of you know me by my other chosen profession, as New Jersey’s Rock & Roll Comedian. All that really means is that “I get it.” I know what people like when they go out for a night of fun, and I can flat out say… this band delivers.  Below is the contact information you will need to find them.  See if you don’t feel the same way I do. Like a sturgeon, they hooked me.

This summer, with a full slate of gigs up and down the state, you will have no trouble finding multiple opportunities to enjoy the Band.




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