Cold Noses Warming Hearts

creatureYou see them all the time – in airports, sporting events, the mall and the military. Service animals are helping so many in need that we have become accustomed to seeing them without giving the situation a second thought. They are part and parcel of our lives. But what they mean to the people on the receiving end of their love and support is something that goes very deep, a personal and meaningful relationship that transcends the bonds of human and animal. It takes a special team to accomplish this seemingly insurmountable feat. And well, New Jersey has one.

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy is a five-year old organization that has very simple and direct goals:
 To provide caring volunteers dedicated to sharing their pet’s love by engaging people in a variety of community settings.
    To build connections between volunteers and facilities seeking animal assisted activities and therapy.
     To increase awareness and provide education about the many benefits of pet therapy.

They have certified more than 160 pet therapy teams.  Though the majority of pet team members are dogs, two rabbits, a cat, a potbelly pig and a mini horse have also been certified. These are the people they administer to:
• the frail elderly, many with dementia
• adults who suffer with mental illnesses
• veterans living in transitional housing programs
• children who are struggling to learn to read
• children with physical or learning disabilities
• hospital patients who may be anxious, frightened

ccpt-invite-2016-hiresAs a not for profit organization, funding is needed to be able to operate their programs.  Funding is generated through facility fees and donations, sponsored facility visits, application and certification fees, individual donations, and corporate donations, grants and awards, and, oh yes, one very special, very important fund-raising event. That will take place on October 23rd at the Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park. The 2016 Champagne Brunch will celebrate their 5th Anniversary, as well as honoring founders Joan Baer and Annie Murphy. This is their biggie and everyone is welcome to attend and aid in their quest for cash to keep the program running. Puppy Chow doesn’t come cheap, ya know.

Sunday , October 23
11:00AM – 2:00PM
Brooklake Country Club, Florham Park

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