Beneath the Sea 2015 – Shark Week meets National Geographic… in the Meadowlands

Beneath the Sea 2015 – March 27, 28, and 29

If you love Shark Week, are fascinated by the Cousteau family (Jean-Michel Cousteau and

Tiger Sharks in the Meadowlands

Beneath the Sea 2015 in the Meadowlands

Fabien Cousteau) , if you are a budding oceanographer, professional or recreational diver,  love the ocean or love to travel, you must visit the Meadowlands Expo Center to see Beath the Sea 2015!  Its all here, adventure, knowledge, science, and danger. Man-eating sharks, deep water de-compression, exhibits, lectures… something for everyone of all ages!

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Here is the full run down for Beneath the Sea 2015….

The weekend of March 27, 28, and 29 brings Beneath the Sea’s 39th annual Oceans Exposition, Dive and Travel show to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.  2015 will prove to be a banner year for Beneath the Sea in creating excitement within all sections of the dive world: history, conservation, diving, and travel.

It begins at 9:00 a.m. Friday, March 27th when Beneath the Sea’s Marine Career’s program musters its free day-long excitement of men and women with successful careers, supplemented by scholarship clinics, and hands-on “what it’s like working underwater” experiences. There will be prizes. There will be colleges and training schools interested in speaking with potential students looking for marine careers, and there will be men and women from all sectors of the diving community ready to lead those wanting marine careers to the right path for them.

Historic Submarine Beneath the Sea 2015 DeepSeaDiverThe scene shifts: same day, same time, up the road at the Meadowlands Exposition Center the Public Safety Divers are attending a series of lectures on equipment and technique that will make their job in cold, dark waters easier, safer. Dive team leaders learn how to protect their team members, recognize the beginning of trouble and cut-it-off-at-the-pass before it begins.

Hammerheads in Seacaucus

Hammerheads in Seacaucus – yea we got that!

Friday also contains a Dive Medicine Workshop  bringing together national leaders in Dive Medicine, Dive Education and Dive Safety. Topics reviewed will be: Otic Barotrauma, Pros and Cons of warm Water vs. Cold water Training, in water recompression, and the very common concern of what medications are safe for divers. At the conclusion of the lectures, there will be a panel discussion. The format will allow for audience participation and questions and answers session.

At 6:00 p.m. that Friday, March 27th, the doors open on this  39th anniversary Beneath the Sea show. Inside 400 exhibitors from around the world have gathered to show divers what they have in the newest dive equipment, photographic equipment, resorts, liveaboards, art, jewelry, sun products, apparal and the like. There are door prizes to win and silent auction trips to bid on, the funds going to benefit the Maria Fareri Children’s hospital at Westchester Medical Center.

Hundreds of Vendor Exhibits Beneath the Sea

Hundreds of Vendor Exhibits

At 9:00 pm the exhibits close but the doors open to the Tech/Wreck Rock Party. This party

Ocean Cutness Beneath the Sea 2015

Ocean Cuteness Beneath the Sea 2015

jumps with local tech divers, local boat captains and crews, and their experiences. It’s late March and the smell of salt water and a new dive season are in the air. All are ready and the  the room reflects the excitement, winter is past: Let’s Go Diving!

At 7:00 pm this same Friday, at the La Quinta hotel The Fish and The Famous gala and silent auction begins. This event attracts serious divers and industry professionals all who come to meet and greet the elite of the dive community.

Saturday, March 28th and Beneath the Sea’s doors open to the exhibit floor at 9:00am.  Seminars and Workshops are already in full swing covering subjects from ocean environment, underwater photography, shark diving, wreck diving, dive training, dive education, cold water diving, dive medicine, technical diving, including numerous “How To” subjects like visual cylinder inspection, oxygen first aid, disaster proof your international dive travel, mastering underwater strobes and PSI valve repair.

Lots of  Great Seminars

Lots of Great Seminars

At 5:00pm Saturday, at the La Quinta Hotel is the reception preceding the Awards Banquet. For those of you watching your pennies these days, the Awards Banquet ticket is the best deal all weekend for it includes the banquet dinner, the Saturday Night Film Festival and the Decompression Party.

Beneath the Sea is proud to honor its 2015 Legend of the Sea: Jean-Michel Cousteau. The Divers of the Year class of 2015 are: Fabien Cousteau … Tom Ingram of DEMA … Keith Sahm from Sunset House in Grand Cayman. Also, the Women Divers Hall of Fame will present their new inductees.

2015 marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year award. This year again DAN will present the DAN/Rolex award to the DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year: Dr. Simon Mitchel.

The Saturday Night Film Festival this year has an interesting array of films for you. Michael AW of Antarctic fame, Adam Ravetch presents on walrus and polar bears, Chatterton addresses Pirates, we tour a City under the Sea, and Jean-Michel Cousteau links the quality of our life to the quality of our oceans.

Following the Film Festival is the Decompression party. Right there in the same hotel you’ll find a bar, some food, old friends and dancing until you can’t dance any more. Of course if you bought your ticket to the Awards Banquet this party is free.

Sunday, March 29th Beneath the Sea opens its doors to the exhibit floor at 9:00 a.m. , Seminars and Workshops commence at 10:00 am and the rapid beating heart of Beneath the Sea  is alive again.

Sunday at Noon Ocean Pals begins it party honoring the winners of their poster contest.  This year’s theme was: My Wetlands – Water is Life. Also honored are the winners of Ocean Pals Digital Photo contest.  There are many educational activities for children. Following the honors ceremonies, there is a Sea of Sweets party with treats for the children, games, toys, and the general circus atmosphere of the best birthday party you’ve ever been to. Children under twelve enter the show free when accompanied by an adult.

It seems like there is more to see at Beneath the Sea than hours in which to see everything.  Choosing what to do will be the most difficult but certainly there is something for everyone.

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