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New Jersey, named after an island in the English Channel, was originally populated by Native Americans. European settlers soon arrived and brought their customs, religion and technology to the new world. The Swedes and Dutch were immediately followed by the English, who were instrumental in establishing New Jersey as one of the first thirteen colonies that subsequently became the premiere battleground for independence from the British in the Revolutionary War. During the 1800’s New Jersey prospered as a major thoroughfare between Boston and Washington.

In more modern times, at the turn of the 20th century, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and prospering in cities like Trenton and Paterson. World War II is well represented with the Battleship New Jersey Memorial in Camden. eNJoy our historical reenactments, our landmarks and museums and be a part of where we came from.

Take our Quiz

I can recall the first time I fell asleep in American history class in high school. I’m pretty sure we were discussing Milliard Fillmore. Maybe if the topic was the history of New Jersey, I would have paid more attention. How about a little pop quiz?

The light bulb was invented by:
A) Thomas Edison
B) Steve Jobs
C) Larry the Cable Guy

Revolutionary War Reenactments take place every June at which location?
A) Monmouth Battlefield State Park
B) Monmouth Park Race Track
C) Denny’s

The first residents of New Jersey were:
A) Native Americans
B) Dutch figure skaters
C) Two guys from Brooklyn named Carmine and Louie

What Industrial Revolution slogan is written on a bridge in Trenton?
A) Trenton Makes The World Takes
B) Trenton Selects The World Rejects
C) Construction Ahead Slow Men Working

The Great Hall on Ellis Island welcomed these people in the early 20th century:
A) Immigrants from Western Europe
B) Refugees seeking religious freedom
C) The Jonas Brothers

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