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About Us

Mission Statement

eNJoy In that one simple word you will find an entire world of possibilities right before your eyes. eNJoy is for people who live, work and play in New Jersey. It is also for people who want to live, work and play in New Jersey. It is a state that will surprise you over and over again, whether you are a lifelong Jerseyan or a newcomer. We claim Bruce and Bon Jovi. We also have Einstein and Edison. Beaches, mountains, back roads and big cities. Our distinctive logo incorporates a sense of fun right smack dab in the middle of our state. It will become more and more recognizable as people learn of the great values and opportunities New Jersey has to offer. In the pages and links ahead of you are good times, great experiences and personal discoveries for young and old alike. eNJoy.

Welcome to the rebirth of eNJoy. The concept was originally created in 2002 with the graphics and logo configuration refined throughout the ensuing year. The site has been redesigned as a comprehensive marketing website aimed at promoting the benefits of visiting, living and working within the state of New Jersey. Our new approach has been to entertain as well as educate, encompassing all the elements that add up to a favorable experience within the state of New Jersey. We offer great destinations, opportunities and values which are not well known outside of the state. We hope to utilize the logo to achieve the company goals:

• To increase the benefits of living and working in the State of New Jersey;
• To offer easily accessible information to persons both inside and outside of the state;
• To achieve a symbiotic result in utilizing tourism, marketing and educational dollars to “spread the message”
about the State of New Jersey;
• To encourage a significant increase in the New Jersey economy. To achieve these goals, eNJoy needs to:
• Effectively coordinate the efforts of the State of New Jersey, various regional tourism councils, county tourism entities, private businesses and corporations, and individuals;
• Effectuate utilization of the logo both within and outside state government to create a “brand name” identification for the State of New Jersey, namely, “eNJoy New Jersey.”

The logo for eNJoy is a trademarked logo. As such, so startup capital is required in order to preserve the use of the logo. The travel and tourism market is highly competitive. Various studies have been commissioned and provided to The State of New Jersey’s Office of Travel and Tourism as the pursuit of “tourism dollars” becomes more important each year. The studies have analyzed the “target market” and also recommended ways in which tourism dollars can be increased. It is believed that the accuracy of the studies and the prospect of future success are premised on and require a positive message.

The eNJoy logo hopes to become synonymous with the clever and positive ways to appreciate New Jersey. In an educational and entertaining approach to access information we believe we have found the key to the richness the state has to offer.

Gary DeLena, Editor

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